Interview en Anglais : How have you the idea to create Vapour?

Vapour Team : Several companies are working on electronic distribution systems forcommercial games, but nobody is focusing on the independentdevelopers. We want to give mod developers that same power todistribute their games as well. : What will be the future improvements of Vapour?

Vapour Team : We've got a lot of new stuff in the works. We're working on some statssystems to track stats about your play, we're expanding the types ofcontent we support to include things like sound packs and models, andwe're looking at implementing a friend/buddy system. : Shall have we the possibility of having an identical system in vapour butdirected for the servers?

Vapour Team : We actually have a version of vapour aimed at servers (controllablefrom the command line). It's fairly recently released and we're stilldoing testing of it, but we'll be adding it to the downloads page oncewe get a little more feedback on it. : To date, how much of mods are taken care by Vapour?

Vapour Team : We've got a lot of the bigger popular mods you've heard of, and maybea few you haven't. For HalfLife2, we've got BattleGrounds2, Dystopia,HL2CTF, GoldenEye:Source, Garry's Mod, and many others. For HL1,there's Natural Selection, Sven Coop, Zombie Panic, and HL Rally toname a few. This is just scratching the surface, and we also supportmany mods for Quake3, Quake4, Doom3, and UT2k4. We've got lots moremods hosted and we also support custom maps for HL2, HL2DM,CounterStrike:Source, and Day of Defeat:Source. The upcoming releaseof VIP Mod for CounterStrike:Source will be utilizing Vapour as well : You expected such a success? Valve is not jealous?

Vapour Team : We're not trying to compete with Valve, since valve doesn't offerthese features yet. In addition to valve games, we support many othergames which we think makes Vapour a better platform for distributingmods. We're very pleased with the success we've had so far. : Do you have a last message ?

Vapour Team : We just want to thank everyone who has tried vapour and the developerswho are supporting us. Tell your friends about the program and getthem on it!

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