Interview in English | Chico : Hello, can you describe your mod and your job in the Dev-Team ?

JonnyQuattro : Synergy is a Half-Life 2 Cooperative Modification. To play the game you have to work together as a team to reach a certain goal in the game. The latest mod release will include basic cooperative play. My job on the Dev-Team is pretty much Managing what everyone does. | Chico : Do you plan to make all the Half-Life 2 story cooperative playable ?

JonnyQuattro : It is very complicated to make the Half-Life 2 Story over with multiple players, It could be done in a later release of Synergy. Main thing we are worried about is file size. We dont want to include the whole entire single player maps on the installation. We are working on the method of using text scripts to automatically change the level for Cooperative play. Something similar into what « Garry's Mod » did. | Chico : So, how many levels will be available in the first release ?

JonnyQuattro : I am not 100% sure on the answer. But my best estimate would be around 4-6 coop maps. It could be more. | Chico : About these maps, will all the story remain the same, or will you add some small new maps and/or modifications to the original story ?

JonnyQuattro : Not all of these maps follow the Half-Life 2 Storyline. As in Bugfries by our team mapper « Deathstick » You play on the Combine team protecting yourself from antlions until a gunship arrives and escorts you from the area. This map is somewhat similar to Antlion Troopers by RomeoJguy. But if your reffering to the Hl2 Single Player maps. The story should be modified to show that there are multiple players In game. | Chico : Now about your new feature. Can you explain a little more how will work the new custom player model and sounds system ?

JonnyQuattro : The custom model system coded by Devin « Mr.Hankey » Dawson , This custom player model system allows users to add a custom player model to there client game and it can be used without overwriting a different player model. This system is very similar to the one in Half-Life 1 Deathmatch. Where you could add your own model, Select it, and use it freely. If the other clients do not have the model. It will show a default model rather than having a big red ERROR model running around. The sound system with the models use theyre own script files where the sounds are then implemented. These include (Footsteps,Taunts,Help,Death). | Chico : And in relation to others mods, do you intend to be a serious competitor to Svenco-op mod, that is preparing their mod to Source engine ?

JonnyQuattro : In Modding there is always competition. | Chico : Ok, Thanks a lot, and good luck for your mod !

JonnyQuattro : Thanks.

Synergy website

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