Choual/CS-view's history

As you maybe noticed it, France ZMX published a video introducing this review article a few weeks ago.

What is a Choual? : this is the famous question of France YokozowneR's very own movie that made people aware of the « Choual » name. France Choual has been created by France Sai4n in 2000, under the name of cs-view ( The site changed his domain name one year later, and became kento, firenze and g4v helped him to administrate and add content.The site knew his glorious years between 2003 and 2007, with his record of visitors, downloads, members : the activity was at his pinnacle.

Flat Eric : more than a logo, an icon

Wassup buddies.

Flat Eric is Choual's official mascot. The others having sunk into oblivion. The members crushed on it, they even bought small Flat Eric puppets for their bedrooms (and for hugging them secretly). [p-ind]According to S4ian, the existence of Flat Eric as a mascot started with a private joke, while playing awp on de_dust. He won't go further, because private jokes are private.

For the anecdote, even Suède HeatoN had recognized Flat once, at the ESWC! :p --
France Sai4n

Choual's fall

Let's talk about it, but not much. First, the domain name has been lost by Lycos. Sai4n didn't had the money to continue and decided to stop there.

After 6 years, all the CS movies were starting to get similar, the number of downloads was falling. During the old times, CS was one of the few online game played. Youths were asking for computers only in order to play CS, and people were looking to the newest version and new maps, cyber cafes were making much money thanks to CS! That's very different today. I finally lost the motivation and the availability that I had before. The CS community changed, and internet too. Moreover, CS has not evolved in 10 years. The day when Valve will release « the next Counter-Strike », it will be worthwhile to start again, but this won't happen soon.
France S4ian

What about now ?

Choual is still alive despite of the frightening diminution of the content and visitors. Currently on, the few active members offer from time to time popular videos of CS, CS:S of COD4.Another site has been created : Choualbox. But it has a completely different purpose : post and comment images found on the web.

Choualbox is not recommended for minors, regarding his content.

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