Mise à jour mineure pour Big Picture : des ajustements pour les manettes

Pendant que les manettes de Steam commencent à arriver chez leur propriétaire, Valve peaufine des détails pour Big Picture. Une mise à jour est sortie récemment, corrigeant des bugs mineurs et changeant l'utilisation du contrôleur de Steam et celui de Microsoft. Par exemple avant, pour lancer Big Picture, il fallait appuyer pendant 3 secondes. Il faut maintenant appuyer une fois pour focus Steam et une autre pour lancer Big Picture. Le reste du changelog est repris ci-dessous.


  • Changed controller Steam/Xbox button behavior: 
    • Old behavior: Hold down 3 seconds to launch Big Picture (or single press if you were in desktop Steam). 
    • New behavior: Pressing once will change focus to Steam if it doesn't have focus. If it has focus, pressing once will launch Big Picture. 
    • Fixes collision with the hold-down-for-4-seconds method of turning off the controller.
  • Improved startup times for users with a large number of games 
  • Added a « New For You » option to the view menu so you can go back to past offers and view their details 
  • Fixed play button for non-Steam games showing « Preload » in some cases

Big Picture

  • Significantly improved performance in the Library area for users with a large number of games 
  • Updated status bar look at the top of the main menu 
  • Fixed « New For You » items not activating when selected 
  • Fixed in-game crash when using the Daisy Wheel keyboard 
  • Fixed buttons mis-firing on the Steam Controller right after leaving a game

In-Home Streaming

  • Fixed some causes of audio stutter when streaming at high bitrate 
  • Fixed always-black video on some multi-GPU, multi-monitor systems

Mac OS X

  • Fixed focus issues when displaying 2 modal dialogs at the same time 
  • Fixed slow shutdown when you had a Steam Controller connected
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