Nouvelle interface pour Big Picture

En vue du lancement des Steam Machines, Valve continue de peaufiner sa plateforme et notamment l'interface Big Picture. Par l'intermédiaire d'une mise à jour du client bêta de Steam, Big Picture a donc connu un petit lifting avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités et options de navigation. La navigation dans la Bibliothèque et le Magasin est, par exemple, plus intuitive.

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Changelog de la mise à jour Steam Beta du 22 septembre 2015


  • Fixed rare race condition causing you to lose some settings when running in offline mode

Big Picture

  • Updated main menu and community styling to match the new navigation model
  • Fixed being unable to remove favorites in the web view
  • Changed Web and Friends shortcuts to use the triggers on a controller rather than the shoulder buttons.

Mac OS X

  • We are deprecating support for OS X 10.6 in November 2015


  • Prevent automatic track advancing while scrubbing the seek bar via mouse

Known Issues

  • Viewing of the Mad Max franchise movies is broken with this update, we hope to have this fixed by tomorrow

Changelog de la mise à jour Steam Beta du 23 septembre 2015

Big Picture

  • Added status icons to the top menu bar when navigating so you know when you have a pending chat or other similar items
  • Fixed DLC dialog in the game page not showing you which DLC item you had selected
  • Fixed some Game images not completely filling the button area on the bottom row
  • Don't enable the screensaver if you are running a game
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