Steam mis à jour : Broadcast en Big Picture et moins de bugs

Une grosse mise à jour pour Steam est sortie mardi. Les changements ne sont pas révolutionnaires mais restent plutôt nombreux. Des modifications déjà proposées sur la version bêta de la plateforme de Valve ont été intégrées à la version « classique ». Tout le monde peut donc désormais suivre un broadcast même lorsqu'on utilise Steam en mode Big Picture et les pages « Matériel » du Steam Store peuvent désormais être consultées en mode Big Picture également.

Notons également que désormais seule la dernière version du Steam controller est supportée en mode Big Picture.

Mise à jour du 24 mars 2015


  • Fixed loading Workshop items in offline mode
  • Fixed rare corruption of downloaded workshop content
  • Removed out of date chat dialog notice about « new » item trading feature on first use
  • Hid unrelated Steam Overlay UI when authorizing an in-game transaction


  • Added automatically lowering encoding settings if machine is unable to encode at the minimum required frame rate
  • Added mini mode for viewing a broadcast so viewers can continue to watch a broadcast while also using the Steam Client window
  • Added pop out button to move viewing a broadcast from the Steam Client window to a new window
  • Added viewing a broadcast through Big Picture
  • Added support for recording only game audio from 64-bit processes on Windows 8
  • Fixed needing to approve the first viewer of a broadcast twice

In-Home Streaming

  • Fixed regression recording audio on Linux
  • Fixed crash when In-Home Streaming host machine failed to initialize Nvidia hardware encoding or had SLI enabled
  • Fix capture logic for windows which span multiple monitors
  • Add support for games which directly set the mouse cursor position
  • Implemented streaming controller support for Far Cry 4 and Gone Home

In-Home Streaming & Broadcast

  • Fixed audio crackle and audio loss experienced by some users after 20+ minutes of streaming on Windows
  • Extended DirectX 10/11 video recording to support additional games, including Cities: Skylines
  • Fixed recording audio on computers that have been running for a significant amount of time without a reboot (multiple weeks)
  • Fixed rare crash when audio recording device returned incorrect timestamps

Big Picture

  • Added support for the new Steam controller. The older generation Steam controller is no longer supported.
  • Fixed current view in the web favorites page being incorrect if you closed multiple tabs at a single time
  • Fixed possible process hang when stopping video playback
  • Fixed regressed layout of movie player controls
  • Fixed rare blank UI if you hit escape at the wrong time during the splash screen
  • Added hardware pages in Steam Store
  • When launching a game that is already running, attempt to switch to that game instead of showing an error message


  • Fixed blocking problem affecting some uses of peer-to-peer networking API


  • Fixed some web pages not displaying if the content was static
  • Fixed some games failing to draw text
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A savoir la jumplist (sous Windows 7) qui à chaque relancement de Steam, se réinitialise et me remet toujours les mêmes jeux (dont je n'ai pas envie de voir) ?