Télécharger Insects Infestation 1.1.0 full

Fichier client full de Insects Infestation de la version 1.1.0.

[Added] FOV (field of view) icon in the minimap
[Added] Plant hud interface for plant creation, remove, attacked, killed (this remove text from the chat interface)
[Added] MOTD.txt is now supported (html is not working for this release)
[Added] New taunt sound added for Ant and Termite

[Updated] All jaws weapon work better now, old bug making hard sometime to hit the enemy
[Updated] All damages from weapon jaw downgraded due to the better jaw update
[Updated] Medic heal/infection weapon visual effect updated
[Updated] Medic heal weapon work without mp_frendlyfire
[Updated] Medic heal/infection now work when someone walk on the cloud (no need to direct hit on the enemy)
[Updated] Medic speed increased
[Updated] Worker vomit weapon is more effective now
[Updated] Worker vomit now work when someone walk on the cloud (no need to direct hit on the enemy)
[Updated] Cypripedium plant attack enemy plant with more damage
[Updated] Magic mushroom attack enemy plant with more damage
[Updated] Coca berry can now attack plant (on touch)
[Updated] Request sound for Ant and Termite

[Fixed] Auto-balance move the new old not the new one!
[Fixed] Auto-balance move to many players
[Fixed] When player is AFK, the last player from the team don't get res
[Fixed] Bounding box for all the player when ducked are wrong


- Moved manure spots to the exits of both teams' rooms
- Changed middle manure spot to resource spot
- Several fixes to lighting


- Smaller basement stairs to make overall map size smaller, so it is easier to defend for ants
- Transposed upgrade- and resource-spots wooden crate and flowerbed/ant flowerpot
- Brighter lighting in hives, sewer and wooden crate
- Several small changes to details / environment
- Middle burrow spot unlock after 10 minutes

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