Télécharger Perfect Dark Source patch client

Patch côté client du mod Source, Perfect Dark Source.

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* Two client crashes when changing mp_maxteams.
* Removed unavailable weapons and ammo
from weapon sets.
* Music options slider works now.
* Some couldn't zoom.
* Spectator took hill in some cases.
* Shield pickup didn't give energy.
* Spectator Tango Step 1 fixed
- Free Roam seems to work.
* No clip movement slowed down.

* Gave in, strafe speed cvar defaulted to 'increased'
* cl_autoswitchonempty
* Added a maximum cap to weapon/ammo respawn timers.
* Grenade will burn your hand.
* Added <random-wpn> and <random-amm> to weapon sets.
* Fixed <random> sometimes not spawning anything.

* After death, you may use your mouse to respawn.
* Spectator camspy model. Those things are expensive.
* Recoded BGM support so it is client side.
This gives the ability to:
- Use the Music Volume slider to modify
the BGM volume (snd_musicvolume).
However, the Game Sound slider still affects
the BGM (volume).
- Add death BGM support. No music yet,
so you'll listen the BGM with lower volume.
- Add random BGM support.
Since we don't have X BGMs yet you'll listen
to another PD:S BGM.
- Add music fading.
- Use less entities on maps
(ambient generic and stuff).
- All maps, official or custom get music for free,
no customization for now though.

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