Frolanta : the moviemaker

Rémi BrieucLet's focus on France Rémi Brieuc aka Frolanta, director of MAJ3R - One day. ÂThis 19 year old moviemaker lives in Saint-Herblain next to Nantes. The two things he likes the most in life are : the rollerblade (practicing it for almost 11 years) and graphics .He plays Counter-Strike for several years now, discovered the moviemaking a few years ago and released his first own video in early 2007.
AFK the movie

January 2007 : His first movie created for his team called AFK, gathering some friends from highschool

Stash Night Frags

September 2007 : Third movie introducing France Stash.

kLs revolution

May 2008 : Beta movie of his team called kLs, created with France XpL.

August 2008 : First video made under the banner introducing the Choual comunity.

Novembre 2008 : A pistol movie for the Etats-Unis GotFrag contest..

You'll find all his past work in this topic !

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