Let's talk with MAJ3R and Frolanta

For the release of the vidéo MAJ3R : One Day, we asked some questions to the concerned player of Burning! and to Frolanta, the moviemaker.

MM.fr : Hi Engin and Rémi. First of all, thanks to let us interview you. MAJ3R, can you tell us since when you want to have your own video ?

MAJ3R : Hi. As far as I'm concerned, I wanted to have a personal video since three years now. Two years ago, the project almost succeed, but the videomaker(Eyeshield) disappeared. After that I let go the idea a little. About a year ago, Judging my personnals results (some victories / podiums with Millenium), I wanted to make a project again. At first, I made a post on a moviemaking forum to find a good videomaker. Some names came out, one of them was Frolanta.

MM.fr : How did you met Frolanta ? Since when you two are in contact ?

MAJ3R : Like I already said, I posted, about a year ago on Cs-View, to present my desire of a project. A lot of people answer, like Spy, FrAd and Frolanta. I investigate on those three. Someone sent me a link to a video of Frolanta. I liked it. Frolanta contact me on SK. Then, we discussed on MSN. We realised that we had the same passion : mangas. So Frolanta propose to make a video about comics, and then, the project was alive ! We instantly had the same idea, the same impressions.

MM.fr : Frolanta, at that time, did you already had a project in mind, or where you looking for an idea for your next realisation ?

Frolanta : After Secondary Weapons that I realised for the contest Gotfrag, I began a little personnal video that I didn't finish (plus, I worked only a few days on it...). I wasn't really looking for a project and then, I read J3R's post. I told myself : «  why not !  ». So, I offered him my skills, and he «  hired  » me, if we can say it like that.

MM.fr : What motivate you the most about making J3R's movie ?

Frolanta : Simply because I knew that the frags were going to be nice. At that time, in France, he was a well-known person on that scene. Still, he didn't already had a personal video. I didn't want to make a video for someone that already had a lot. I kind of wanted an exclusivity.

MM.fr : Another question for Frolanta : It has been about a year that you've been in touch with MAJ3R. Why so much time ?

Frolanta : In the big lines, you need to know that there's two version : the first one, MAJ3R The Movie, and MAJ3R One Day (The one that just came out). At first, we looked together at demos on Ventrilo to determined the actions that would be in the video. I began to work on the project from april to september 2009. Once in september, I've had a lot of problems and I didn't liked it that much anymore. I wanted to make a second version. So I began again the project in november 2009, working like crazy at first on the introduction and the morning. I let that in stand-by until February. I really reworked on it a month ago.

MM.fr : Can you tell us more about the original project ? Why did you gave up on it ?

Frolanta : It was based on comics and manga's universe. I realised that it was under-exploit in CS, and I wanted to make something original on that side. After a while, I didn't like it that much. I was a little afraid of the negative reactions that the people who would watch the video could have. I had the idea of a video with different theme, with four different parts, each one representing a period of the day.

A beta of the first version of the video is available here.

MM.fr : MAJ3R, do you think it's a good idea to put you in scene in the video during a whole day ?

MAJ3R : I think yes. It's a really original idea. The base of a good CS video these days is the originality. Frequently, we always see the same things. Fro had the idea to make a video based on a day (morning , noon, evening , night). I thought it was a good idea so he sent me screens based on that concept. I really liked it.

MM.fr : Question for both of you. How went the organisation of the project ?

Frolanta : At first, Eyeshield (the first moviemaker) did a file with the timed actions. So we looked to the HLTVs together. Then, at the moment he was doing an action he pm me to warn me of something new. During his double ace against H2k, he warned me in the middle of his match ! I sent him all of the betas that I was making. Then, for the ideas, we were discussing that together and confronting our point of view.

MAJ3R : In my opinion, when we direct a video, you need to put your ideas together. All the work cannot be only for the moviemaker. The player need to propose thing, need to be present. It's good to have an organisation between the two, that the player listens to the moviemaker and the moviemaker to the player too.

MM.fr : Frolanta, what was the hardest moment of the production ?

Frolanta : I had an HLTV that wasn't working on my computer. J3R suggest trying on his computer. And it worked. To resume, I had to explain everything to him, so he can make the startmovie by himself: I gave him my config for the moviemaking, I kind of teach him to be a moviemaker (laughs). The first try had some little mistakes, but the second try was the good one. Anyway, it's the anamorphosis (undestand by that the adaptation of the text to the structure of the map) and the lights of the lamp that really were a problem.

MM.fr : Did you think, at a moment, that you wouldn't like the video anymore ?

Frolanta : Personnally yes, I thought at a moment that I didn't liked it anymore. I've always had fun making it, but I was worrried about what the people would think.

MAJ3R : That's why external point of view matters. I showed the beta to three of my mates (geno, MahE et SIXER), and they liked it while giving their opinions. It helped to cheer up Fro when he was doubting.

MM.fr : MAJ3R, for what reasons having a personal video was something important for you ?

MAJ3R : I wanted a video for myself. Have a trace of what I accomplished in Counter-Strike when I'll stop to play. I made a lot of trip and I wanted to keep a memory in complement of Jack's video, that are more pointed on teamwork.

MM.fr : Finally, are you both satisfied of the final video ?

MAJ3R : Totally. External point of view, even if it's important, isn't what's really important to me. If people liked it, well, good for Frolanta because he really deserves it for his good work.

Frolanta : Personnally I've always had difficulties judging my own videos, but I like it. Anyway, I'm still waiting impatiently for the feedback.

MM.fr : Thanks for according us some of your time, a last word to say ?

MAJ3R : I specially thank Frolanta for his trust and time passed on the video. I also want to thank jON and knolz from Esportsfrance for what they brought and to all of my friends.

Frolanta : Thanks to MAJ3R to trust me for this video, thanks to the Moviemaking.fr staff for their help, to EsportsFrance and more particularly to Knolz and jON, Also thanks to moon, yorin, pedro, coiL and ZMX. And I hope that you'll like the video !

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