Des corrections pour Steam

Avec un peu de retard, mais mieux vaut tard que jamais comme on dit, une petite mise à jour de Steam a eu lieu le 23 septembre 2013, celle-ci corrige pas mal de bugs sur Steam, Big Picture et Steam Linux.

Pour voir l'ensemble des corrections, voici le changelog en version officielle pour ne pas changer les habitudes :

  • Steam
    • Fixed launching Source SDK 2013-based mods from the Steam server browser
    • Fixed showing “[unknown]” user names for players in current game lobby
    • Fixed downloading Steam cloud files via HTTP
    • Fixed a regression which made some OpenGL games (Rage) crash in some cases activating the in-game overlay
  • Big Picture
    • Fixed setting display resolution in Big Picture mode before login properly restarts Big Picture mode
    • Added Big Picture language settings panel
    • Fixed subsequent login problem caused by canceling creating an account
  • Linux
    • Fixed a bug that caused Steam to hang on startup for some users.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Big Picture on Linux from becoming active again sometimes after a game exits.
    • Fix a bug that prevented the tray menu from not responding when transitioning out of Big Picture mode
    • Fix regression that caused Steam to exit instead of restart after actions that require Steam to restart
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