Trois mises à jour mineures pour DotA 2

Dota 2

Petite news rapide pour signaler que DotA 2 a bénéficié de trois mises à jour mineures récemment. Au programme, surtout des corrections de bugs, de crashes notamment sous Linux et Mac ainsi que d'exploits.

Mise à jour du 30 septembre
  • Added the previous Gold Earned metric as an alternative graph on the Net Worth panel
  • Fixed some issues with Boulder Smash cast behavior
  • ixed a Roshan exploit
  • Fixed some Linux and Mac crashes
Mise à jour du 1er octobre
  • Fixed Terrorblade and Techies Arcana particles not showing in portrait
  • Fixed the AoE Gold/XP being calculated before the direct Gold/XP were given out
  • Fixed Networth values only being updated once every 0.1 seconds instead of instantly whenever you get gold (affects scenarios where multiple heroes die in quick succession)
  • Fixed various incorrect tooltips with Spell Immunity Piercing labeling
  • Fixed Searing Arrows, Unstable Concoction and Echo Stomp interaction with Spell Immunity
  • Fixed Morphling's Replicate not dying when he dies
  • Fixed some ARDM bugs
Mise à jour du 2 octobre
  • Reduced delay between events and when Net Worth and XP graphs update
  • Fixed various matchmaking exploits
  • Fixed Spiked Carapace interaction with Spell Immunity
  • Fixed Searing Arrows now proccing Damage Block on its own (instead of just with the attack one time)
  • Fixed Rage having an inconsistent behavior compared to BKB when affected by Heaven's Halberd, Curse of the Silent and Pounce
  • Fixed Repel having an inconsistent behavior compared to BKB when affected by Curse of the Silent, Pounce, Haste and Double Damage
  • Increased the vision on Chronosphere slightly to fit the affected area better
  • Fixed trees not being destroyed properly properly when the phased movement is dispelled after damage
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