Mise à jour de l'opération Bloundhound

Après la sortie d'une opération sur Counter-Strike : Global offensive, il y a des mises à jour qui suivent. Celles du 29 mai et du 3 juin corrigent donc les bugs qui étaient présents dans le jeu lors de la sortie de Bloodhound. On peut aussi noter que quelques détails ont changé en compétitif. Par exemple, si un vote pour abandonner est accepté mais que le round est déjà fini, alors le vote sera annulé. Ci-dessous, les deux changelogs complets (en anglais).

Le 03 juin 2015


  • Fixed a crash on defuse maps in Guardian Mode.
  • Fixed ragdolls sometimes appearing at delayed enemy positions.
  • Fixed players who were not networked sometimes showing up as friends in client code (like the UI).
  • Fixed server browser sorting by tags instead of ping by default.
  • Fixed cloth sometimes jittering when seen for the first time.


  • Added gd_crashsite
  • Log
    • Fixed various exploits and spots where C4 could get stuck

Le 29 mais 2015


  • Fixed a bug in the visibility/occlusion query that caused players to disappear sometimes.
  • Added server convar to avoid sending footstep audio messages when they are out of audible range.
  • Expired competitive cooldowns now require a confirmation from the players.
  • If a surrender vote is about to pass after the round is already over, it will cancel the vote.
  • If a surrender vote succeeds right before halftime, the proper teams will surrender at the next opportunity.


  • Updated some game settings and bonus XP values for the Guardian missions.


  • Fixed death notices not being truncated properly and being offset when they were very long.
  • Added cage opening sound to weapon reveal.
  • Released more XP Rank Icons.


  • Bots will now no longer bunch up on a hostage and all try to rescue it at once.
  • Reduced Earned XP Demolition and Arms Race multipliers to bring them in line with other game modes.


  • Office
    • Fixed a bad nav mesh spot
  • Season
    • Latest version of Season
  • Rails
    • Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck
    • Fixed some spots where players could get out of the map
  • Log
    • Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck
    • Fixed some spots where players could get stuck
    • Fixed a smokegrenade sorting issue on the bridge
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